Double Cup Counting and Single Packing Machine HEY13

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The Double Cup Counting and Single Packing Machine is suitable for: Air Cup, Milk Tea Cup, Paper Cup, Coffee Cup, Plum Blossom Cup (10-100 countable single package), and other regular object packaging.
  1. The cup counting and packing machine adopts touch screen control. The main control circuit adopts PLC with measure accuracy. And the electrical fault is automatically detected. The operation is simple and convenient.
  2. High precision optical fiber detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.
  3. Bag length without manual setting, automatic detection and automatic setting in equipment operation.
  4. A wide range of arbitrary adjustment can match the production line perfectly.
  5. The adjustable end seal structure makes the sealing more perfect and eliminates the lack of package.
  6. Cup counting and packing machine production speed is adjustable, and several cups and 10-100 cups are selected to achieve the best packaging effect.
  7. The convey table adopts stainless steel while main machine by spray paint. It can also be customized according to customer request.
  8. The packaging efficiency is high, the performance is stable, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the failure rate is low.
  9. Double Cup Counting and Single Packing Machine can run continuously for a long time.
  10. Good sealing performance and beautiful packaging effect.
  11. The date coder can be configured according to the user's needs, printing the date of production, batch number of production, hanging holes and other equipment synchronously with the packaging machine.
  12. A wide range of packaging
Model HEY13
Cup spacing (mm) 3.0-10 (Rim of cups could not converge)
Packaging film thickness (mm) 0.025-0.06
Packing film width (mm) 90-400
Packaging speed >28 lines (each line 50pcs)
Maximum quantity of each cup counting line W100 pcs
Cup height (mm) 35-150
Cup diameter (mm) 050-090 (packable range)
Compatible material opp/pe/pp
Power (kw) 4
Packing type Three-side seal, H-shaped
Outline size (LxWxH) (mm) Mainframe: 3370 x 870 x 1320 1/1:2180x610x1100

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